You read that right.  I QUIT.  You might have seen donuts & pizza on my Instagram page. Not quite the bikinifitness-prepfood you'd expect. That's because I have stopped my competion prep. After weeks of stress & dieting my body did not lose enough bodyfat to continue my prep to the Iron Maiden in november 2017. I mean, I could have continued, but my diet would have been incredibly strict for those last 8 weeks. And even then it wouldn't be guaranteed that my body would cooporate.  I tried my best during the first 5 weeks, but my body was holding me back. Sometimes you'll have to listen to your body. My mind was telling me "STEP ON THAT STAGE IN NOVEMBER " but my body was telling me "HELL NO". So I've made the hard decision to change my competition plans.


I am now going to prep for the Open Rotterdamse in april 2018. It seems like a better plan to slowly drop my bodyfat percentage until april than to struggle every single day until november. My previous competition prep was pretty easy comparing to this one. I lost 0,5 - 1 % every two weeks. But right now I've struggled to lose 0,3 % in 5 weeks. That's what stress does to your body. I did not want to step on that stage knowing it's not my best physique. And getting that physique will take time. More time than I initially had if I would have done the Iron Maiden bikinifitness competition. I've got 25 weeks until my next competition, so let's make them count. #25weeksout


I've lowered my amount of cardio, and I am allowed to have some cheatmeals again (YAY PIZZAAAAA). Even more important: I've got all the time i need. So let's aim for that top 3 worthy bikinibody in april. LET'S DO THIS.




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