Last week I had to do the most exhausting sports test ever. Like, seriously exhausting. I used to go to sports college, I work out 6 times a week, and practically all my hobbies are sports. So I guess you could say I am quite a sporty-girl. Yet this test was incredibly hard for me to pass.


In order to keep my job, I had to pass this test. SOME SERIOUS PRESSURE, HUH!  If the results weren't matching the requirements, it would mean that I would lose my job within a few weeks. My biggest issue was the 'running' part. As you might know, I am a bikinifitness athlete, and my trainings are mainly focussed on power exercises. So the squats, push ups, etc. etc. were peanuts for me. I can achieve the required limit for rowing just because of the power in my legs and back. But running, ugh, that was just not my piece of cake. So that didn't make it easy for me to pass this test.


Anyways, I've written down the requirements in case you would like to give this test a try (lol, I can't imagine why, but that's your choise).


What is this test about?

This test was built to push yourself to your absolute limits. A combination of cardiovascular & power exercises will test your ability to persevere. Below you will find the requirements* for my age category (until 30 y/o).  If I would exeed the time limit, or the required amount of repetitions weren't achieved, I would have failed.  


Exercise - amount - time limit*

Rowing - 500 meters - 1.52 minutes - followed by 7 minutes of rest.

Squats - 40 reps - 1 minute - followed by 3 minutes of rest.

Push-ups - 15 reps - 1 minute - followed by 3 minutes of rest.

Sit-ups - 30 reps - 1 minute - followed by 3 minutes of rest.

Burpees - 20 reps - 1 minute - followed by 3 minutes of rest.

Chin-up - 6 reps - 1 minute - followed by 9 minutes of rest. (Chin-ups or pull-ups with a resistanceband or feet against the wall)

Running - 1600 meters - 8.45 minutes - the end.

*Note: these are the female requirements.


In case you are wondering what my results were: rowing took me 1.49 minutes and running took me 8.05 minutes. The squats, push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and chin ups were completed with the required amount in the required time. I completed the whole test, and I HAVE PASSED. Boy, did i worry about this. So happy those worries are gone now!


In case you are going to give it a try: GOOD LUCK.
















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