We all know that a competition prep can be hard. But it doesn't have to be as hard as you think. Are you thinking of cancelling your dinnerdates because of your competition prep? Questions about when you are returning to your normal self? Worries about your bikini being ready on time? YOU COULD USE SOME TIPS. Here is how i survived my competition preps. These 5 simple tips made my competition prep just a little easier.



Buy a small food scale that fits in your bag. That thing is magic! It makes you able to go out for dinner with your friends during your competition prep. You do not have to cancel those dinnerdates. Step 1: Make sure you are the one picking the restaurant. Step 2: pick a resaurant that serves something lean, like steaks or fish. It would be even better if you can pick the sidedishes (like vegetables, rice etc.) separately. Step 3: weigh your food on the scale you bought with you, and eat the amout that your coach or macro's allow you to eat. So it is possible to have a great dinnerdate whilst prepping for a competition. It might feel kind of awkward when you weigh your food for the first time, but you'll get used to it. And believe me: you are not the first one to do that. People do weirder things every day. Another less public option would be organizing a barbecue or dinnerdate at your home. No more cancelling dinnerdates, promised?!



Order your bikini a few months before your competition. That way you don't have to stress about your perfect bikini being late. You've got enough worries in those last few weeks, and believe me: you do not want to worry about your bikini. Most bikini-creators will request your sizes a few weeks before your competition, so make sure you've designed it before that. Especially if it needs to travel the whole world until it arrives at your doorstep. That's why I prefer a bikini supplier that's located in my own country. If something is wrong with it, you could just drive to their company to get it fixed. In stead of sending it to the supplier abroad and hoping the bikini will make it back in time.




You can't ever practice your posing enough. Go to posing classes, preferably given by more than one teacher/coach. Every posing coach will have a different style within the competition regulations. Find the style that suits you best and make the posing your own. Set up a camera at home, close your eyes and do your posing routine while you film it. You'll see your own flaws and qualities. Practice over and over again, until you are aware of every muscle in every pose. Create that same mind-muscle connection you've created in the gym. Make your poses flow and don't forget to smile. Smiling will be so much easier once you know you are rocking every pose, because you've done it over and over again!



Find buddies who are also in prep for a competition. They might be your teammate, but are they also your buddy? It is such a relief to share your pre-competition struggles with a buddy. You're in this together. They'll understand you, because they are going through the same thing. Share your experiences and tips, and bring eachother to a higher level. Besides that, you are doing the competition together, not against eachother. Real women don't bring eachother down- they lift eachoter up.



Ugh, that question again. Your family, friends and all other people will ask questions like: "When will you finally eat cake again?" and "When do you stop behaving like you are obsessed with fitness?!". Well, those people just don't understand you, and they probably never will. Don't let that bring you down. Focus on your own goal. You are doing it for you, not for them. Push the negativity out of the way, and explain that this is YOUR decision. Tell them that they don't have to understand you, but ask them to respect your current lifestyle. It might help to give them a goal too: eating cake togehter after the competition. Everybody will have an opinion about bikinifitness as a sport. Some people even think this is NOT a sport. Why?! Beause you are not throwing a ball around on stage. Instead you are showing the result of months of hard work. And if they are too short-sighted to think that isn't a sport. Tell them that a 90 minute soccer match is peanuts in comparison to 4 months of fulltime dieting & daily killer workouts. I don't know any other sport that needs it's attention 24 hours a day, 7 days



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