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Every single day people ask me what my diet looks like. Well, let me show you. But first I'd like to start with a little disclaimer. I am not a nutritionist or coach, I just share the diet that works for me. Every human body is different. Which means that this diet might do an amazing job or might not work for you at all. I want you to know that this is my diet when I am focussing on losing weight, in an early stage of a competiton prep. In my diet I eat things I really like, in stead of sticking to the rice, chicken & broccoli diet most bodybuilders follow. I agree on the fact that that is a leaner and cleaner diet than mine. But I strongly believe that if you actually like the food you eat, it is less likely you will give up on your diet. To me it doesn't even feel like a diet at the moment since I'm eating food I truely love. The big diffrence in my diet is making choises between high and low carb meals and cheats.


LOW  CARB girl

Yes, that's me. I am one of those girls who loves a low carb diet when I want to lose weight. Simply because my body does exactlty what I want it to do: lose weight before a competition. Whenever I speak of 'losing weight' i mean: bring my bodyfat percentage down, and maintaining as much musclemass as possible. I only start this diet after building enough musclemass (read: after eating loads of carbs during a bulk). Since your muscles need carbs to grow, I would not reccomend following a low carb diet when you are trying to build muscle. It just doesn't work that way...Building muscle and lowering your bodyfat percentage are two different processes. There is no such thing as changing bodyfat into muscle - getting leaner and more muscular at the same time - thats a fairytale. But if you do happen to find the fat-to-musclefairy, good on you - tell her to pass by my house at night too :p



There have been tons of discussions about low carb diets. Some say it is bullshit and some say it works. It works for me, and this is the science behind the low carb diet:
One gram of cabohydrate needs 3 grams of water to be processed. So you'll notice that if those carbs are missing, your body will let go of a lot of water. This causes a quick weigth drop, bye bye waterretention! but that doesn't cause a change in bodyfat percentage. So why would you go for a low carb diet, if your goal is to lower your bodyfatpercentage?! And why do I notice the change in my own body: a constantly dropping bodyfat percentage? Where does that come from? Here is why low carb diets cause the loss of bodyfat:

Lowering your carb intake leads to a significant reduction of the body's insulin procuction, resulting in your body turning to protein and fat as an energy source. If you combine that with a semi-low fat intake, your body will turn to your stored bodyfat as an energysource besides the energy you give your body by feeding it. This all comes down to eating 'shitloads' of protein, very low carb and semi-low fat.



This is not a keto diet. In order to follow a keto diet you would have to higher your daily fat intake, and lower the protein intake. OH HELL NO, we are not going to lower the protein intake since we are trying to maintain as much musclemass as possible. So what numbers / grams are we looking at?



That magical word that explains our daily Protein, Carb & Fat intake. My recommended daily intake is around 1800 kcal. Which is my daily maintainance goal. But I'm not trying to maintain my shape, I am trying to lose bodyfat. Here is how I do it: I usually have 3 low carb days and 4 "higher"carb days. Here is how you I kcalculated my low carb days:

2,0g protein per kg of bodyweight

1,0 carbs per kg of bodyweight

0,7 fat per kg of bodyweight.


Lets say I weigh 65kg - this would be the outcome of my macro calculation:

2,0g x 65kg = 130g  PROTEIN

1,0g x 65kg = 65,0g CARBS

0,7g x 65kg = 45,5 FAT


Okay, now I've calculated my macro's. What's up with the calories?

Protein & carbohydrates contain 4 kcal per gram. Every gram of fat stands for 9 kcal. And alcohol is another one (7 kcal per gram) but I'm not using that one in our daily macro's, Because I don't drink alcohol.

So our daily calories look like this:

130g protein x 4kcal = 520 kcal

65,0g carbs x  4kcal = 260 kcal

45,5g   fat    x  9kcal = 409,9 kcal

TOTAL: 1189,5 kcal per day


SHOCKED? yes, that is low, yet easy for me. But bare in mind that this is only 3 days a week. On the 'higher' carb days I add 50g of carbs. Which comes down to 200 extra kcal a day. "Higher"carb day total: 1389,5 kcal per day.


I consume these 50 extra grams of carbs after my training (post-workout), since my muscles have just used up all the glucose storage. Glucose is needed to recover, build and maintain the muscle. By eating carbs post-workout the glucose storage will be (partually) refilled. If you would eat carbs while your glucose storage is not used up yet: your body would start storing it as fat. And I do not want that to happen when I'm trying to lower my bodyfat percentage. So that is why i eat my additional amount (50g) of carbs after my training for 4 days a week. These 4 "higher" carb days are also the days i train at the gym. I train 5 times a week, so I have one low-carb trainingday. On my 2 restdays I stick to my low carb diet. And offcourse, as the competition gets closer, I will increase the amount of low carb days.



Let's just al it a cheatmeal. I allow myself one cheatmeal a week. But for some reason I like to keep it a little cheatmeal. I am not going apeshit crazy on it, like ordering the biggest pizza on planet earth. But I'll order a small pizza. I believe portion control gives you just as much satisfaction on cheating, whithout exceeding your total caloric intake too much. I do not track macro's on my cheatmeal, I only add the amount of kcal. That's my type of 'cheating'.



No I do not walk around with miniscales and a calculator all day. I use an app called My Fitness Pal. This app helps you track your daily food intake. I simply scan/search everything i eat. Most food wrappings will tell you the netto weight. You just have to make sure that you add that right portion in the app. You might need a scale for the fresh products, such as meat and vegetables.. This app shows you the macro's and kcal of every product you scan or search in the app. You can add daily goals and reminders. Very handy if you do not want to exceed your macro limits. I roughly know what to eat within my macro's, so I just pick my food as the day goes by. If you don't know that, you could make yourself a little foodschedule in the app (which fits your macro's). Then you know what to prep for the upcoming days!


I hope I've helped you by sharing my diet / macro's. Stay tuned for a full-day-of-eating food diary... COMING SOON!!








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